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Nicolas's Idea

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Car Crash Art

How would you get your peers to understand the importance of buying a safe affordable car?

Held at major public areas such as Federation Square, Southern Cross Station, the Melbourne Central Shot Tower area, Bourke St Mall etc. will be little subliminal education areas mainly displaying banners advertising the howsafeisyourfirstcar website. Within each little Car Safety Site would be; - A bank of driving simulators/racing games (Like Gran Turismo or Forza) with a selection of only recommended cars from howsafeisyourfirstcar.com.au available to race in - A few, nice, safe selected used cars could be purchased and displayed within the education area to show the options - Both a draw and perhaps the fastest lap time on the simulator could be used with the prize being one of the displayed cars. - Inexpensive (Sub $15,000 and sub $20,000) new car brands offering 5 Star ANCAP cars could be contacted and offered a spot to show their cars. A grand prize draw could be one of these new cars if within budget or the dealership donates the car. The enjoyable and educational zone will get young drivers thinking about, or allow them to realise just how many safe car option are available, even with a small budget of $5000 or less. Hopefully the experience in the Car Safety Site can help to make our roads a less fatal place.

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