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Willem's Idea

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Invincible - Are we really?

The human body has not evolved as fast as cars have, therefore we are very vulnerable when on the roads. How would you highlight this to your peers to help reduce risk taking behaviour?

I was baffled by the timing of this email. Last night I was in a crash and am now really inspired to participate in this project. I believe too many people (like me) believe they are invincible and have the mind set of " nothing will happen to me" I was thinking a visual poster to be made into a billboard or to be put in high school (especially for year 12 students). To match the positive criteria it should have a photo of young people in a car (2 friends) happy and smiling. Then it needs quotes such as " Are you really invincible?" and " Focus has its limits" (addresses distractions) This is very brief and I will develop this idea further. I would greatly love and appreciate this opportunity. No one should have to learn these lessons the hard and painful way. Thanks I hope you take me into consideration.

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