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Ruwangi's Idea

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Love U

How would you convince your peers to believe that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads could become a reality?

Shared Responsibility Love U : by Ruwangi Fernando As human beans, we feel much pain when we or our closed loved once are been hurt. It is important to have this attitude towards the whole human race and mother nature. A constant reminder that you are so important to your loved once and how much they value to you will help you to become safer and responsible in your actions. My idea is to develop a web platform that will allow you to nominate your loved once and they will receive a questionnaire which includes 10 to 15 questions about how much you mean to them. Towards the end of the questionnaire, space is provided for a short personal message (100 characters) and also to upload a photograph of you both or themselves. Then the system will extract this information and create a small hanging ornament which includes the photo and personal message and sends it across to you. You can hang this ornament in your car or bicycle which or just use it as a key tag or a phone accessory. It will constantly remind you how much you are been loved and valued. This will help you to become more responsible for your actions. Once everyone starts becoming more and more responsible for their actions, roads will be a safe place to all of us, and no one will have lost their life or suffer from a serious injury. Looking forward to implementing my idea using a social media campaign wich allows me to take my initiative to a much broader community of young Australians across Melbourne, who will be tomorrow's leaders and decision makers. Thank you for the opportunity.

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