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Tamiah's Idea

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The Human Test

How would you convince your peers to believe that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads could become a reality?

I propose a kind of walk through, interactive 'human test' that highlights the amazing capabilities of our bodies as well as the vulnerability of being in a vehicle. I imagine an installation that could be set up in major cities, incorporating dissections of cars/motorcycles, and elements from each that could be linked to various 'tests' to give people an idea of the strength and ability of their own body versus the stresses of operating a vehicle. For example grip strength on motorcycle handlebars vs the forces felt if the bike has a head on collision and the rider is thrown over the bars. The capability of the human ear to hear pedestrian noise or a car horn above the ever rising music playing inside the vehicle. It could even incorporate a free vision test if we can partner with a company such as OPSM! This relates to the fact that people tend to take better care of their possessions, including their vehicles, than they do of themselves - we get our cars serviced every year but when's the last time you went for a vision or hearing test? It should be fun and informative and people should be able to walk away with a physical memento of how they scored, to remind them that taking care of themselves also helps to keep others safe on the road.

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