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Ted's Idea

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The Power of One

How would you convince your peers to believe that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads could become a reality?

The most important thing about communication is understanding, ensuring the people you address respect and comprehend your message as well as the implications of the discussed issue. With our road toll being highly composed of red P plate collisions, it's important that this message is targeted and understood by apathetic 'bulletproof' teenagers. Due to the high concentration of gorey images in previous campaigns designed to show the extreme impact of reckless drivers, many teens have been desensitised to violence, such as the decline in impact that plain packaged cigarettes has had on this generation.. My idea to approach this issue with a new face, a new approach, something that is pound to get the attention then hit the message home. Seeing the cause and effect that interactive speeches has had on my generation, my idea would be a group of young enigmatic presenters, each with an extroverted expressive personality. Elements of humour, such as what you do on a night out with mates, the fun and excitement, the typical banter and expected dynamic. The humour draws in teen audiences, then gets serious very quickly. The juxtaposition of humour to harsh reality makes for a vocal representation of roadside collisions, changing in but a moment. Making things personal aids with driving the message home to teenagers, showing the implications of their actions and making them more responsible and accountable on the roads. " It's Important that while you're on the roads, you're an example to all other road users. While it may be uncool to go the speed limit and have close to every driver overtake you because going 80 in an 80 zone is too slow, doing so sets a message to the rest of the world. You'll see quickly that people are impatient and in a rush, and these habits are a recipe for disaster. Not only do you have to watch out for your own actions, but also the actions of others." I hope this approach will have some sway over teens and introduce the idea of shared responsibility among our most vulnerable drivers, the young and independent.

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