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Tamiah's Idea

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You are...

The human body has not evolved as fast as cars have, therefore we are very vulnerable when on the roads. How would you highlight this to your peers to help reduce risk taking behaviour?

My idea is a film about the incredible beauty and uniqueness of the human body and mind - these days people are more concerned with how they look in a selfie than whether their vehicle meets the latest safety standards. We all live so fast we often forget to pause and think about how precious our bodies are, and the fact that we only get one each. The human eye is capable of seeing around 10 million colours, the human ear can detect pressure variations of less than one billionth of an atmosphere, our fingertips can feel ridges mere nano-meters high and our minds have enabled us to invent machines that carry us around the world and even into outer space. We are incredible beings, intricate and diverse. We come in all shapes and colours and are capable of amazing feats. We are worth protecting - YOU are worth protecting. Social media encourages young people to advertise themselves, we all want to post photos that make us look flawless, to make our lives seem perfect and ourselves feel important. But the reality is, we are all of those things even without the Instagram filters and hashtags. And I believe it is crucial to remind people they are worth looking after and that it starts with them.

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