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Brief: Vulnerability The Brief - Shared Responsibility Brief: Vehicle Safety

How would you convince your peers to believe that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads could become a reality?

Background Info

TAC wants you to highlight that road safety is a shared responsibility. A bold and fresh approach is needed that accepts:

  • we all make mistakes, but no-one should die because of them.
  • people are vulnerable - it doesn't take much crash force before we're seriously injured or killed.
  • we all need to share the responsibility to make every part of our road system safer.

This is what the experts call the "safe system" approach.

Achieving a safe road system, free of deaths and serious injuries, requires safety improvements to all four key areas of the transport system:

  • Roads and roadsides
  • Vehicles
  • Travel speeds
  • Road users


Your idea needs to highlight that everyone has the right to use our roads without threat to life or health.

Your idea needs to be creative and have credibility among the target audience of 18 - 25 year olds, while not being too preachy.

The judges are looking for a concept that is portrayed in a positive way rather than using graphic shock tactics.

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