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Brief: Vehicle Safety The Brief - Vulnerability Brief: Shared Responsibility

The human body has not evolved as fast as cars have, therefore we are very vulnerable when on the roads. How would you highlight this to your peers to help reduce risk taking behaviour?

Background Info

Younger drivers are one of the highest risk groups on our roads. Inexperience, lifestyle factors, risk-taking and using older, less safe cars all make them vulnerable to crashes.

The human body can only withstand certain amounts of force in a car accident, view the tolerance rates of the human body.

To highlight the vulnerability of road users, TAC has recently launched a high profile campaign, featuring 'Graham', an interactive sculpture that shows what the human body might look like if we were built to survive a crash on our roads. To find out more information visit the Meet Graham website.


We want ideas that will help you look out for each other on the roads.

It could be something that increases safety for cyclists, drivers, pedestrians or motorcyclists.

Your idea needs to be creative and have credibility amongst the target audience of 18 - 25 year olds, while not being too preachy.

The judges are looking for a concept that is portrayed in a positive way rather than using graphic shock tactics.

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